iBar Posters and Flyers

My second home. I was honored when DJ B- and Smiling Dan approached me to create new concept art for Independent Bar. iBar has always been a place that I’ve loved since I first moved here. Although it was Barbs back then. No I’m not Goth but the music does inspire me to paint and draw. Dj Smiling Dan asked me to come up with some cheesy 80’s hair bands and legends like prince and Michel Jackson, and Guns and Roses. He said feel free to do as I please. All he asked for was a cheesy theme. Dj B- or Scott Gram likes the mow-town look. We developed Posters and 1000’s of fliers to blanket downtown with.
If you haven’t been to ibar well then let me just say that it’s a place filled with artist.

Ronnie Affee
Creative Director