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KidzSocial Kids Socialnetworking website is now on Twitter. We just launched this kid friendly social networking website. Please have your children 7 – 13 years of age join in on the fun. This was a project that our kids asked us to create. Our oldest decided that it was time for her to join facebook because all of her friends were on it. We shot down that idea and instead I told her that we will make her a kid friendly social networking website. We created this site so that kids can join it and meetup with other friends from their school. Right now we only have a few Altamonte Schools listed but as children join we will add their schools as well. We look forward in seeing how this little project will turn out. So far our children love it and want to be on it every day. I created them their own unique avatars however there are several to pick from and the can use a webcam to upload their own picture. We also set it up so that every that our children send a message to someone on the site that it will also email the parent for security reasons. Little by little we are turning this into something great for all of our kids. We hope that you will have your children join in the fun.