Where Are The Galapagos Islands Website

Where are the Galapagos Islands

I just returned from the Galapagos Islands and a common question that I keep being asked is “Where Are The Galapagos Islands”. So I made a quick website and put up some youtube videos.. It’s worth taking a look at and Google keeps popping up some great discount on Galapagos cruses. On this much needed vacation I backpacked the Galapagos Islands. Spent several days on Santa Cruz and about 6 days on Isabela Island. This gave us time to really see all the sites that we wanted to. The volcanoes are amazing. I would recommend hiking Volcano Seira Neigra and also going to Los Tuneles. We also did a diving trip at North Seymour and that was a beautiful dive. Hope everyone gets a chance to view and take a trip there.